Administration of payroll

We take care of the payroll of your work team, so that your company free up resources, minimize risks and lean with experts throughout the life of the service.

Why hire the payroll administration service?

There are several benefits that you receive when hiring a Payroll Administration service. The main ones are:

  1. Knowledge of Colombian labor regulations

Your service provider has to guarantee knowledge of Colombian regulations on labor matters. Our company has lawyers specialized in the subject, who offer you the security to manage this aspect and broaden your understanding of the subject so that the application conforms to the Colombian norm.

  1. Specialized Software

By hiring this service, your company saves the investment that means having a specialized software parameterized to the Colombian labor reality. When your service provider takes care of this, it ensures the necessary updates to provide security and reliability with the system.

  1. Expert work team

Experience in payroll, planning, administration of this resource and, in general, knowledge of issues related to human talent, are aspects that the service provider must guarantee. Our experience of more than 12 years attending the realities of human talent in organizations of all kinds, we put them at your disposal so that you can look at this process in an integral way and articulate it efficiently to the other processes related to people at the service of your organization.

  1. Attention to national and foreign companies

At Gente Competente we have experience in serving foreign companies that have operations in Colombia and that require the hiring of this service. An ally who knows how to best manage the payroll of his team, anywhere, is a great benefit.

For the vast majority of companies, payroll management and payment implies having a human team and resources such as technology and time, to be able to meet the requirements demanded by the standard. Hiring this service is an aid that frees efforts towards other fronts of work that generate greater value for the company.

services we offer

Generation of payroll and settlement of payments to personnel, in accordance with the news provided by the client.


Management of affiliations and social security contributions of employees.


Attention to requirements or requests of any internal or external entity whose purpose is to audit or review the company's payroll or social security procedures.


Reports generation


What are the steps to pay for payroll?

  1. Payroll analysis

The person responsible in your company, together with the service provider, must analyze the payroll, to identify the legal payments, the benefits, the frequency, the types of contract, in short, the different characteristics that the payroll has, which are particular for each company.

  1. Pre clearance

With this analysis, a pre-settlement is prepared to ensure that all elements are considered.

  1. Customer approval

It is very important that before generating the payroll the content of the report is approved by the client.

  1. Social security payment

With the approval, payments to social security are made, in the defined terms and periods.

  1. Payment to collaborators

It consists of the payment to each collaborator of the corresponding payroll.

  1. Reports generation

According to the client's needs, reports of this process are generated.

Throughout this cycle, we hold follow-up meetings that guarantee the provision in the terms of CARE, SERVICE AND ACCURACY that your company requires.


By hiring our service, you receive:

  • Social security affiliations (EPS, AFP, ARL, CCF)
  • Monthly contribution to the PILA worksheet
  • Responses to UGPP requirements
  • Payroll settlement in terms agreed with the client and proof of payment.
  • Payment of social benefits
  • Settlement and compensation of employment contracts.