Business Development Program

Accompaniment to entrepreneurs

We support entrepreneurs with companies in the consolidation stage, through training, mentoring and consulting processes.


Our support covers all the stages of the entrepreneurial process, starting from the moment where the person feels the favorable impulse for the start of their business project, to the generation of the idea, the construction of their business model, the achievement of resources, the start of business activities, its consolidation and the stage in which it develops its growth plan.

Accompaniment to the entrepreneur

Some ventures fail in the creation stage, due to some of these causes:

  • Not knowing yourself.
  • Poor selection of partners.
  • Have unrealistic expectations.
  • Serious shortcomings when making decisions.
  • Lack of serious market studies.
  • Lack of working capital.
  • Lack of addressing.
  • Inadequate advice and accompaniment.

In the formalization and consolidation stages, these circumstances also arise:

  • Lack of experience and knowledge.
  • Discouragement, discouragement and desire to quit.
  • Lack of focus: wanting to take charge of everything.
  • Resistance to change.
  • Failures in internal controls.
  • Lack of clear policies.
  • Poor selection of personnel.
  • Lack of training.
  • Lack of accompaniment.
  • Low level of skill development.

From Competent People we accompany entrepreneurship initiatives based on the assessment of talents and skills of the entrepreneur, as a starting point on which their idea and business plan are developed. In the same way, we train in the different tools required for your business, using methodologies that, in the hands of experts, achieve very satisfactory results.

The most important and profitable company is ME

When the entrepreneur recognizes his innate talents and skills, he ensures the most relevant aspect of the entrepreneurial journey. Recognizing yourself with its lights and shadows gives you the clarity to orient yourself in the direction that makes you happier, more productive and healthier. In this way, your idea flows generating the business model with which you can materialize your creative idea.

With these elements and the valuation of the people who accompany him in his undertaking, we build the Entrepreneur Team Map, where the talents of each of its members are put at the service of the idea and the business model, stimulating an adequate process of growth and expansion.

Business valuation

Our BUSINESS DNA tool allows us to identify the current position of each company, according to its score, according to the following classification:

  • Start-up: Business idea in the initial growth stage, which lacks a firm structure that defines its actions.
  • Acceleration: Companies that have a firm structure, but that do not reach a degree of consolidation that allows them to remain firm in the face of changes in the environment.
  • Consolidation: Companies that have already reached a high degree of maturity, consolidating sustained financial results in the long term, which allows them to think about new business alternatives.

Our experience has allowed us to accompany hundreds of entrepreneurs who today are companies of growth and national recognition.


Business DNA diagnosis.

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