DIT - Discovering Innate Talent

COMPANIES working full BRAIN

Team members achieve a more accurate knowledge of themselves (lights and shadows) to face, in a correct way, the various situations that arise in the world of work.

With the design of team maps, each leader will be able to promote the development of the potential of their collaborators, achieving PEOPLE who work out of passion and focus on achieving the expected objectives.

Each leader with his team will co-create a “full-brained organizational model”,
maximizing the potential of your work teams.

We are Benziger licensees and we work supported by its model, with more than 28 years of experience and a presence in 34 countries around the world. Currently, it is one of the most used models in Latin America for different processes related to human talent.

Discovering Innate Talent

We offer an individual accompaniment that has the scientific support of neuroscience. From this approach it was discovered that since we are born our natural talents are already configured in the cerebral cortex. Discovering talents and aligning life decisions based on them is undoubtedly a gift of life. 

With the application of various techniques and under the guidance of an expert, each person goes towards the discovery of their natural talents and skills, the latter that they have developed throughout their life history.

More mental health - Less work stress

Supported by neuroscience studies, we accompany people to decide the path that is in the direction of their natural talents. People are more productive, happier, and healthier when they use and are rewarded for using their natural brain preference.

Work stress, to a large extent, as well as emotional tones of critical levels, can occur when we take on professional challenges that demand talents that we do not possess naturally and that when developing them as competencies, generate not only emotional, but physical and mental exhaustion. .

Who is it for?

DIT has multiple applications:

In the workplace, it is especially recommended to identify the natural potential of each employee. This natural potential, in accordance with their professional challenges and the challenges of the company, allows to take full advantage of the lights (strengths) of each member, in such a way that they are enhanced by obtaining the expected results. 

A work team where its members know their talents can build a Team Map, a scenario that places innate talents in the direction of the highest productivity that will be achieved naturally and fluidly.

In addition to the work context, it is a tool that allows us to look at ourselves from different personal, family and partner areas. 

It is indicated for adults who meet these conditions:

  • Be experiencing emotions that suggest RESTART his professional life.
  • Reflect on your life project and REORIENT YOUR PATH.
  • Realize that it is time to stop along the way to understand the reason for their actions and GUIDE YOUR EFFORTS towards better care of your mental health.
  • Want to give A GIFT OF LIFE.

We all have TALENT

We all have talent, but we don't have talent for everything. We do not know where it is or sometimes we do know it and we guide our decisions with this knowledge. It all depends on the life story that at times reinforces our talents and at others, leads us to move along various paths in search of them.

Our TALENTS are the “installed capacity” with which we flow naturally towards the achievement of our goals. 

Brain dominances

Neuroscience makes it possible to identify the brain quadrant that is dominant and that has the highest number of neurotransmitters, benefiting the functions derived from it. Each of these quadrants is a specialized way of seeing the world, its own style of thinking, where innate talents are installed.


80% of the people in the world have developed competencies related to their non-dominant quadrants. People are not clear about their talents, what they should focus on. Our accompaniment generates a scenario of self-knowledge that gives clarity about the paths and decisions of life that are aligned in the direction of what makes us feel happy, productive and healthy.


Best results.

Less effort.

Flow experimentation.

People who work out of passion.

Personal satisfaction.

Mental health.