Business training

Processes tailored to the needs of organizations.

Our business training processes are designed by experts,
based on diagnoses of the needs of each organization.

What separates the strategic formulation from the real results obtained by a company is the performance of its collaborators. In this sense, it is not enough to inform the occupants of each position about what to do. It is about achieving a dynamic process that ensures the expected contribution of each employee and that this is evidenced in the business results.

This dynamic process is business training, which we design in search of competent people for the position they occupy, making distinctions according to the level of responsibility, the scope of their actions, the level of autonomy, people and teams in charge, and the use tools and equipment, among many variables typical of the organization.

Different teaching / learning methodologies

Our support ensures the design of group and individual training processes that integrate Being, Knowing and Doing, as the elements that directly impact performance. Based on the reading of the reality of the company, the work group or the specific position, different methodological strategies are proposed, seeking greater efficiency and alignment with the organizational culture.

Leaders development

In a special way, we develop processes to strengthen leadership, creating spaces to appropriate methodologies that facilitate the development of this competence. We start from the knowledge and the relationship with oneself and we transcend the relationship with others, achieving that the leader redefines his role in an integral way and assumes himself as a facilitator within his team and his company.

Training for digital transformation

Digital transformation is a change in mentality, paradigms, culture and work styles. That is why we accompany training processes aimed at strengthening digital skills for different groups within organizations, facilitating learning for the understanding, use and use of the tools with which the business world moves today.

Coaching and mentoring

Strategic conversations, case analysis, visualization of scenarios, generation of spaces to address in depth different topics that are part of business life, are methods that we put at the service of organizations, when particular and specific training and training spaces are required. accompaniment. To achieve this we have a team of certified mentors and consultants who facilitate the incorporation of new learning.

Soft skills

The strategic direction of the company with its framework of values ​​and skills, is the input for the design of interventions for the development of soft skills. Under a focus on performance criteria by competence, we offer training processes that deliver content and methodologies so that the company's collaborators strengthen their contribution to it, becoming executives with performance according to international standards.