Selection of human talent

If companies calculated the costs of a poor selection process, they would endeavor to make this the best of the processes.

We locate the BEST EXECUTIVES, first and second level,
in organizations from different economic sectors.

Characteristics of the human talent selection process

Get to know our personnel selection service, with which you can optimize your company's investment, by linking an executive in tune with the challenges of the position, with the expectations of the management and with the cultural and relationship characteristics expected. Your work team will strengthen its contribution by having a new member who inspires trust and strengthens the credibility of your company, in all stakeholders.

In our personnel selection process, you will perceive our support as that of an ally who is committed to selecting executives in tune with your organizational purpose, whose natural talents are aligned with the expected contribution for the position.

The seriousness with which we assume each of the steps of the process, the reliable information for both parties and the closeness with the companies and the candidates, allows you to perceive an adequate interpretation of your expectations and an accurate performance forecast for the proposed candidates. All the steps of the recruitment process are carried out with the care demanded by the client, the candidates and the process.

From the beginning we establish a dynamic of communication with the company, where in a clear, harmonious way and in the required times, you will show the progress of the process.

Five steps for a human talent selection process

Make a difference in the management of human talent, opting for our service that is developed in five steps:

  1. Internalization of the client's needs, analysis and adjustment of the profile of the position.
  2. Call, recruitment, preselection and evaluation of candidates.
  3. Interviews, assessment center, selection of the shortlist.
  4. Reporting, Client Interview, Selection
  5. Follow-up to the hiring, accompaniment to the adaptation process.

This makes the difference

  • Leaving the traditional interview behind, our interviews employ an experiential methodology.
  • We insure people who work out of PASSION, when discovering the TALENT of the candidates, since it is part of the imprint, there are their gifts, their passions ...
  • We contribute to the retention process of the new collaborator, by monitoring both the linked executive and their leader, suggesting actions in a timely and objective manner.

Your challenges are our challenge

Your company will perceive us as strategic allies for your business challenges.

You will recognize a high quality, reliable and careful accompaniment, in each step of the human talent selection process.

You will clearly identify the relevant information of each candidate, thanks to complete reports with a scientific approach.

Your company will have access to an international network of talents.

You will meet candidates with a high forecast of performance, alignment, commitment and reliability. We are guided by neuroscience, a look that allows us to affirm the existence and level of development and potential of innate talents and competencies.

Our processes are made special by:

  • Natural competencies and talents: Each finalist candidate will identify their natural talents and the competencies developed during their life, as well as their potential in the face of the challenges of the position.
  • Development plan: We accompany the chosen candidate with a development plan integrated with business strategies.
  • Compliance with legal requirements: By hiring our services, you will be complying with a legal requirement that requires that any entity that operates selection processes be authorized by the SPE of the Ministry of Labor. We are a private, for-profit, licensed employment management and placement agency.
  • We are Benziger licensees and we work supported by its model, with more than 28 years of experience and a presence in 34 countries around the world. Currently, it is one of the most used models in Latin America for different processes related to human talent.

If companies calculated the costs of a poor selection process, they would endeavor to make this the best of the processes.

Our experience of more than 10 years is a seal of seriousness, reliability, closeness and care.

International support

In alliance with Latin Top Jobs, we offer state-of-the-art tools that allow access to positions and candidates in different countries.

As a strategic ally for many companies, we open employment options for Colombian executives who are hired by foreign companies.



Technological platform that streamlines recruitment.

Quick response to request.



National and international contact networks.

Competitive costs.

We are a private for-profit management and employment placement agency, authorized by the

Resolution 14 of 2021

Regulation for the provision of services as a private lucrative management and job placement agency

Regulation for the provision of services as a private lucrative management and job placement agency

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